Why Solar and Why Now

Why Should I Go Solar Now?

You have access to a federal tax credit that is 30% of the value of your solar energy system, just for going solar! The bad news is that this is not a perpetual situation. Get Your Free, No-obligation Solar Consultation Now! If you want to put the sun to work for you, connect with us by filling out the form below. You’ll receive a free, no-obligation proposal for $0-down solar so you can go solar with total confidence.

Is Solar Right for Me?

Are you a Home Owner?

A homeowner! If they have good credit they can qualify for the loan and take full advantage of the federal tax credit.

Their wallets will love them!.

Does your roof get sunlight?

A home that has a roof with lots of sunlight.

If you’re not sure how much sun the roof gets, our professional surveyors will be able to help so that’s ok!

Roof not completely covered with trees?

A home with a roof that is not completely shaded with trees.

Although, we do find that homeowners consider trimming them to allow more sun exposure on their roof.

Roof in ok shape

A home with a newer roof or a roof in good shape is ideal, but not mandatory. People sometimes hesitate to install solar on a new roof but solar panels can actually extend the life of your roof because they shield it from the elements and the sun’s UV rays! We install on both asphalt shingle and tile roofs, roofs usually not older than 15 years old or we recommend roof replacement. Good news is that the installation can be done with this program as well.

Roof has few obstructions

The home with a roof that has few obstructions such as pipes, your chimney, and anything else installed on your roof will impact if or where solar panels can be placed.

High Electric Bill?

Usually a home that consumes lots of electricity are ideal. Typical utility bill would be greater than $120/ month. As the homeowner for their electricity bill. We will gladly do a free savings report for them.

HOA's are okay!

Homes in areas with HOAs are fine! Many HOAs allow solar installs and, in some cases, HOA actually coordinates solar installations. The law actually forbids HOAs from preventing solar installations on roofs.

See If You Qualify For Solar Energy Savings

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