Embark on a journey of empowerment and energy independence with "The Ultimate Guide to Owning Your Power" by Gail M. Carter. This comprehensive handbook is your key to unlocking the full potential of solar energy and taking control of your energy future.

Delve into the intricate world of solar power as Carter guides you through the process of selecting the right solar company that aligns with your unique needs. Discover the financial options and expertise that will ensure a seamless transition to solar power, empowering you to make informed decisions every step of the way.

Gain invaluable insights into the inner workings of solar technology, including how solar panels work and the benefits they bring. Explore the concept of net metering and understand the role of solar batteries in optimizing your energy usage.

Carter goes beyond individual homeownership and sheds light on the broader impact of solar power. Uncover the potential of community solar initiatives and the positive influence they can have on your local community, fostering a sustainable and greener future for all.

"The Ultimate Guide to Owning Your Power" also equips you with practical tips and expert advice on maximizing energy efficiency, saving money, and reducing your carbon footprint. Benefit from real-life experiences shared through customer reviews, gaining inspiration and confidence in your own solar journey.

Join the movement towards renewable energy and take charge of your power. Let "The Ultimate Guide to Owning Your Power" be your trusted companion as you embark on a path towards energy independence and a brighter, sustainable future.


WHO IS THIS BOOK FOR? __________________________________ 9

THE HOMEOWNER JOURNEY STORY ______________________ 12

WHO ARE WE? ___________________________________________ 14

BECOME A REFERRAL PARTNER __________________________ 19

CHAPTER 1 FINANCIAL PROBLEM _________________________ 20


CHAPTER 3 WHAT CAN WE DO? ___________________________ 28

‘CHAPTER 4 WHY SOLAR? ________________________________ 29

CHAPTER 5 BENEFITS OF SOLAR __________________________ 32

CHAPTER 6 SOLAR AND YOUR HOME _____________________ 35

Does your roof get sunlight? ________________________________ 35

The Roof is completely covered with trees? ____________________ 36

Is my roof in okay shape? __________________________________ 37

Roof with a few obstructions _______________________________ 38

Are You Grappling with a High Electric Bill? __________________ 39

Navigating Homeowners Associations (HOAs) _________________ 41

The Relationship between HOAs and Solar Energy ____________ 41

The Power of Community Solar Initiatives __________________ 41

Navigating the Installation Process with Your HOA ___________ 42

CHAPTER 7 How to Choose the Right Company _________________ 44

Which company meets up with your demands better? ____________ 44

Which solar company has the best financial options? ____________ 45

Which solar company has the best expertise?___________________ 46

THE 5 STEP PROCESS _____________________________________ 48

CHAPTER 8 P - PLANNING ________________________________ 49

Planning _______________________________________________ 49

Pre-Contract Process ______________________________________ 49

Post-Contract Process _____________________________________ 50



Discovery Call Example Questions __________________________ 50

Solar Discovery Call Questions _____________________________ 51

Electricity Consumption and Cost ___________________________ 51

Homeownership Details ___________________________________ 51

Roof Suitability __________________________________________ 51

Local Solar Companies ____________________________________ 52

Available Incentives ______________________________________ 52

CHAPTER 9 O - OPTIONS: _________________________________ 53

How does solar work? _____________________________________ 53

What is Net Metering? ____________________________________ 54

Do I need a solar battery? __________________________________ 55

CHAPTER 10 W - Warranties and Maintenance __________________ 58

How do solar panel warranties work? _________________________ 58

Do solar panels require maintenance or cleaning? _______________ 59

CHAPTER 11 E - EQUIPMENT SELECTION __________________ 61

What are Solar Panels? ____________________________________ 61

Solar panels - Tier 1 ______________________________________ 61

Weather and Wind Ratings _________________________________ 63

Solar Panel Degradation ___________________________________ 63

CHAPTER 12 R - REVIEWS_________________________________ 66

CHAPTER 13 PROJECT COSTS _____________________________ 72

CHAPTER 14 ENERGY SAVING TIPS ________________________ 75

CHAPTER 15 DEFINITIONS ________________________________ 84

CONCLUSION ____________________________________________ 86

NOTES:__________________________________________________ 88

Image of solar panel

About Illuminare Energy, LLC

Illuminare Energy LLC and its partners are a leading force in the solar industry, empowering individuals to take control of their energy.

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Author: Gail M Carter, MBA, MA, P.E.

Led by Gail M. Carter, a distinguished professional and licensed civil engineer, this woman-led company serves the community. Gail, an accomplished speaker and author, with global experience, holds two Masters degrees and is a graduate of The Heller School of Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University, Boston, Massachusetts, where she earned her Master of Arts degree in Sustainable International Development. Gail strongly believes that every homeowner should have the freedom to choose the source and cost of their electricity.

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