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Our goal is to bring sustainable energy to homes and businesses to achieve a healthier environment.

Are You Tired of Throwing Money Away Each Month on High Utility Bills? Thought of Going Solar but Don’t Know Where To Start?

You Have Come to the Right Place!

Installing a home solar energy system is a smart financial investment for many homeowners. Home solar installations growing 7 percent in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic. Illuminare Energy delivers home energy solutions that save you money and lower your carbon footprint.

Our FREE solar quotes provide several advantages:

  • This is a free service to use

  • There is no obligation to buy

What You'll Get During This

Solar Consultation & Assessment

What You'll Do Before the Call

Prepare a copy of your most recent utility bill. This is required because you don't want a wrong sized solar system.

Save Money

Most homeowners save money from day one.

Increase Home Value

Homes with solar have been shown to sell faster and for more money.

Good For Planet

You will feel empowered and confident about generating clean, renewable energy while saving money and investing in Hawaii's communities.

Through our unique aligned PARTNERSHIPS across the USA we are:

✓ Financially Secure: Investor backed and Member owned

✓ Experienced: Over 5,000 successful installations

✓ Doing Well By Doing Good: Fully certified B-Corp

✓ Validation: Inc. 1000 Fastest Growing Company in America

✓ Impact Focused: Money from every installation goes to preserving millions of acres of the Amazon rainforest

✓ Record Breaking: Offset 100% of the emissions from the solar manufacturing process.

Powur Inc 5000 ranking #61


  • Send Us Your Energy Bill
  • Review a Custom Proposal
  • Select the Best Plan
  • Get Started

Our Promise to You

✓ We will always provide the best value

✓ We will provide a diversity of products, services, and ideas to deliver the best solution for YOUR needs

✓ We will communicate with you honestly and openly throughout your installation process

✓ We will support you after the sale

✓ And should you choose, we will welcome you to share the Illuminare Energy experience with your friends and family, and help us create a cleaner planet

Why They Recommend Having a


illuminare energy testimonial for gail m carter #illuminareenergy #illuminareSolar


Business Owner

"Gail gave me support from beginning to end of the process, she will also go the extra mile at every stage. I would recommend her services unreservedly!"

illuminare energy testimonial for gail m carter #illuminareenergy #illuminareSolar


Business Owner

"Throw a rock and you’ll hit a dozen Solar companies. What none of them have is a Gail. Gail is a solar industry specialist. Not a random door knocker. She takes the time to understand a client's needs and long-term goals. There’s never a pressure to “buy now, details later! Gail caters to your need and timelines. I have referred family and clients with great success. Gail is the solar solution provider."

illuminare energy testimonial for gail m carter #illuminareenergy #illuminareSolar


Business Owner

"If anyone is a homeowner, I highly recommend talking to Gail to see if you might qualify for Solar Panels. It’s an easy, fast process".

illuminare energy testimonial for gail m carter #illuminareenergy #illuminareSolar


Business Owner

"I own a home in the Boston area. My energy bill has been extremely expensive and it goes up and up every year. For a while now, I have wanted to get solar simply to do my small part in using renewable energy. Now, with these high bills, I took the step to see if solar was a viable option. There is a lot of competing information about getting solar- different companies offering a variety of equipment options, guarantees, and financing. Gail was very helpful in walking me through all the information to boil down what I needed and what I should be looking for. She was attentive and available when more questions came up. With so many companies out there offering solar, it is important to find someone who will answer your questions honestly and patiently guide you through the process with transparency. I can confidently attribute Gail with those qualities."

illuminare energy testimonial for gail m carter #illuminareenergy #illuminareSolar


Business Owner

"Gail is very competent and easy to work with! I highly recommend her services!!"

illuminare energy testimonial for gail m carter #illuminareenergy #illuminareSolar


Business Owner

""I've had the opportunity to learn about the services provided by Illuminare, and going solar is now one of my goals as a property owner. I've seen presentations from competitors in the solar business, and Illuminare provides the most comprehensive education package for you to make an educated decision. Going solar is actually a no-brainer after you understand it's benefits and place. Especially being in Florida, a major location for Hurricanes and other natural disasters, being the owner of your own power is a game-changer! I'd refer Illuminare Energy to anyone looking to learn about solar."

Why They Recommend Having a


illuminare energy testimonial for gail m carter #illuminareenergy #illuminareSolar


Business Owner

"Couldn’t be happier with his company! Gail is absolutely amazing, she works fast with communication and makes sure everything runs smoothly every step of the way. Definitely a five-star experience!!"

illuminare energy testimonial for gail m carter #illuminareenergy #illuminareSolar


Business Owner

"Gail Carter is very knowledgeable and willing to help anyone interested in solar."

illuminare energy testimonial for gail m carter #illuminareenergy #illuminareSolar



"Gail and Illuminare Energy provided a truly honest, candid, and objective assessment of my solar needs. Gail was attentive, responsive, and detailed oriented, which fit my needs when considering a major investment such as solar. I highly recommend working with the Illuminare team when considering going solar to ensure that you are provided with the most accurate and thorough information to inform your decision-making process. Definitely will be making referrals."

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve your ENERGY FUTURE!

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